Kick Start conference

Early in Term 1, Home Tutors and students are invited to Charleville to attend the Kick Start Conference—a week of intense workshops focussing on learning and skill development in a range of areas.

Home Tutors can find themselves engaged in workshops associated with networking and developing skills and understandings around the curriculum concepts they are teaching to assist in their role of teacher in the schoolroom.

Meanwhile, students have the opportunity to participate in a range of sessions with professional coaches, artists and inspirational speakers from all over the State - often the students will find themselves partaking in activities they wouldn't normally do or have access to at home.


Held in Term 1 and 4 of the school year, these weeks allow teachers to work with students as they would in a mainstream school. Class teachers organise these weeks and each child in Prep to Year 6 has his/her teacher present for four days. This is a valuable time as it allows everyone to meet to discuss expectations and for the students to interact in a social situation. Minischools provide activities in Key Learning Areas, while also allowing students to participate in team sports / team building activities and three swimming lessons with trained teachers, following the Royal Life Saving Love2Swim program. Evening and night activities are all about fun and learning together and may include a disco, games night, movie night or field trips to local attractions.

Home visits

 A service provided to our students, their families and Home Tutors are home visits. These are usually conducted by class teachers with the Parent Liaison Officer and operate on a needs basis.

Home Visits involve your students' teachers travelling to your home to provide individualised support in the classroom and to assist home tutor in areas of teaching and learning, behaviour management and timetabling just to name a few. Students have the opportunity to show their teachers their classrooms, their home and sometimes even teach them a thing or two about property life.

Cluster Musters

Cluster Musters operate in Term 2 and 3 and are held in small towns across the catchment areas. Students are invited to attend one Cluster Muster day each term where they will partake in activities that focus on building social skills and often explore the The Arts and Health and PE curriculums. While the students are engaged in such activities, parents and Home Tutors are invited to attend sessions with the Leadership Team and Parent Liaison Officer.

Speech and awards day

Each year the school conducts a formal Speech and Awards Day in Charleville where the academic, sporting and community achievements of students are recognised. Students in Years 6 and 10 also have a formal celebration dinner at this time where students, family and teaching staff enjoy a night of reflection, celecbration and dancing!

Last reviewed 19 July 2019
Last updated 19 July 2019