Curriculum Delivery at Charleville School of Distance Education is a little different to a mainstream state school due to the rural and remote location of our students. The Charleville School of Distance Education offers the range of curriculum to its students:

Curriculum materials

Units of work

Each student receives the curriculum materials as his/her basic learning resource. They are required to work through units of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Technologies, Health and PE, Languages and the Arts with guidance from their Home Tutor. These are available on a memory stick or CD and online (and in some cases in paper form). Student work and parent/home tutor responses are sent to teachers electronically. Teacher feedback is through individualised electronic and phone comments, as well as through the on-air medium. 

Online curriculum

Since 2008 our curriculum has been transferring from paper to digital and now offer all units online as part of our eLearn Courses. This allows prompt access, updating and submission of work between home and school. 

Home tutors

Each student studying through distance education is required to have a Home Tutor. In most instances this work is carried out by a parent, however some families employ a person to be a Home Tutor.

In lower primary years, home tutors teach students using the curriculum materials provided. Students in the upper primary and secondary years generally work independently through units but will require a responsible adult to ensure work is completed and checked before submission. Home Tutors also manage classroom resources, liaise with teaching staff and ensure students attend field services and keep to timetables. Home Tutors are an integral part of the schooling process.

Additional curriculum support

Additional curriculum support is available from the Learning Support teachers, as well as through teacher modified and alternative programs. Support Teachers provide additional support for gifted students as well as those with learning difficulties.

Teaching occurs via the curriculum materials, on-air program and through the field service program. In distance education programs, the parent/teacher partnership is a crucial element in providing support to students.

Learning materials are prepared, with teachers, home teachers tutors and students, contributing to the process. Teachers also modify curriculum materials at the school level to take into account students’ individual learning needs.

Teachers share the co-ordination of the field program which consists of the following activities: Home Visits (on a needs basis), Cluster Musters, Camps, Sports Muster, Minischool Weeks, Speech and Awards Day and Swim Muster. 

Reporting student progress

Teachers report to parents formally through semester reports and Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 National Testing. Teachers also report informally to parents on a regular basis by telephone, face to face or through digital feedback on their child’s work. 

On-air program

On-air lessons are mandatory. Parents are to ensure their child attends all lessons. Regular attendance for on-air lessons is compulsory and is reported on. On-air lessons enable teachers to have direct and daily contact with their students. If a student is to be absent from an on-air lesson, the parent is to notify the class teacher by telephone or email. Regular Home Tutor sessions are provided by class teachers. Home Tutors are expected to take advantage of this opportunity. Notify your teacher if you cannot attend a Home Tutor session.

Last reviewed 19 July 2019
Last updated 19 July 2019