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VISE (Volunteers for Isolated Students' Education) was formed in 1990 to assist Distance Education families and Distance Education schools. The volunteers are retired teachers offering to spend up to six weeks with a family to give respite or to troubleshoot educational problems in consultation with the school.
There are also VISE Angels who are not teachers. These are people who will take over the running of a home for the duration of an emergency, such as a medical crisis.
ICPA (Isolated Childrens’ Parents’ Association - Australia) is a voluntary national parent body dedicated to ensuring that all geographically isolated students have equality with their non-isolated peers, of access to an appropriate education.
The Association has over 3,300 member families, residing in the more remote parts of Australia, who all share a common concern of gaining access to education for their children and the provision of services required to achieve this.
Membership includes a cross section of Australia's rural and remote population and includes fishermen, miners, itinerant employees, farmers, pastoralists and small business owners.
"A geographically isolated child is one who does not have reasonable daily access to an appropriate school".
"An appropriate school is one which provides schooling at the required year level and with sufficient curriculum offerings to enable all children to achieve their individual potential".
ICPA seeks to have all elements of a total education (cultural experiences, social contacts, participation in sport and other enriching activities) available for all isolated children regardless of the location of their home.
To achieve its goal ICPA pursues objectives in the following areas:
  • Education Allowances
  • Boarding Schools/School Term Hostels
  • Travel
  • Distance Education
  • Special Education
  • Curriculum
  • Communications
  • Small Rural and Remote Schools
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Tertiary Education
  • Country Areas Program.

ICPA seeks the maintenance and appropriate funding by State and Federal governments of all methods of gaining access to education so that each family can choose the schooling for its children which best meets their needs and circumstances.

Further, to ensure that isolated children have access to a total and appropriate education.... ICPA advocates excellence in all systems and services.
ICPA believes that a wide variety of curriculum is essential so that all students have access to an education appropriate to their needs and aspirations.