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The eKindy program is a comprehensive ‘at home’ kindergarten program for children in the year before Prep. The program is supported by a qualified early childhood teacher and covers 15 hours of Kindergarten for 40 weeks a year (school terms only). The program aligns with the  early years learning framework and the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline.
The e-Kindy program is currently managed by the Brisbane School of Distance Education. 
Charleville School of Distance Education have teachers based at the Rockhampton and Emerald Campus who are a part of this eKindy program and cater for students in our geographical area.  
Important information 2016
  • For more information contact eKindy 3727 2860 at the Brisbane School of Distance Education.
  • Children must be born between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012 and meet the eKindy eligibility requirements.
  • Children must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Preparatory Year

The Preparatory Year (commonly known as Prep) is the first year of schooling available at Charleville School of Distance Education.  View general information about Education Queensland Preparatory Program. Below is some information about the Prep program offered at Charleville School of Distance Education (which is unique in its delivery) - for more details please feel free to contact the school.
The preparatory year is based on the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines. The five key components of effective early years curriculum are:
  • Understanding children – their individual learning and development and their home/life context
  • Building partnerships – the need for the child, teacher and other people (e.g. home Teacher’s) to work together, so children learn effectively.
  • Establishing flexible learning environments –how to organise materials and spaces (indoors and outdoors), people and time to maximise learning.
  • Creating contexts for learning and development –explains the five contexts that young children need to be involved in to learn well – play, real-life situations, investigations, routines and transitions, focused learning and teaching.
  • Exploring what children learn –describes the five Early Years Learning Areas: Social and Personal Learning, Health and Physical Learning, Language Learning and Communication, Early Mathematical Understandings, and Active Learning Processes.

Each unit will cover 10 days of activities. For each unit you will receive a Home Teacher Guide which breaks each day into sessions and explains the activities that you and your child are expected to complete. An activity book which contains any extra sheets or information is also sent out with each unit. Each unit also comes with Supporting Learning Cards which help you as the Home Teacher support your child’s learning. You will be referred to these pages throughout the unit and these should be filed in a ring binder for future reference.

To get the most out of the prep units of work you need to be involved in your child’s learning by participating in the activities where appropriate with your child. Remember prep is a play based program and your child needs to actively participate in the program to help their learning.   A copy of all the units of work are also located on the Prep eLearn Course within the Learning Place.

Primary (Years 1 - 6)

With small classes of students grouped by their physical location, teachers are able to offer individualised programs as well as foster social interaction on-air and at field events.
Students study English, Maths and Connected Learning Curriculum (CLC) each day and have daily contact with their teacher and peers through on-air lessons and individual contact lessons.

Junior Secondary (Years 7 - 10)

The Secondary Department of the Charleville School of Distance Education offers a range of subjects and field events to students in Years 8 to 10 to best assist their learning and social development. Students become a part of the Western Alliance (partnership between Charleville School of Distance Education, Longreach School of Distance Education and Mount Isa School of the Air).
Subjects included in the curriculum are:
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  • Fine Arts
  • Health and PE
  • Languages other than English (LOTE)
  • Pastoral Care "Go 2" Sessions


Students work from home, but are in regular contact with their teachers and peers through on-air web-conferencing lessons, individual phone sessions and through the many field events structured throughout the school year.   


The benefits of studying at this level with our school are:
  • Small classes
  • Low teacher/student ratio
  • Flexible school hours which can sometimes be structured around family commitments and lifestyle
  • Independent learning in preparation for future tertiary study
  • Balance of curriculum and extra- curricular events – For example: Minischools, Cluster Musters, Years 4-10 Camp, Swim Muster, Sports Muster, Kick Start Conference, Careers Tour.
In 2013, our school will join with Mount Isa School of the Air and Longreach School of Distance Education to form the Western Alliance allowing us to offer even more subject choices and more teaching time with our Secondary students.
  • Field Events

    Visit this page to find out more about the Field Events our school offers to allow our students to interact face-to-face throughout the school year.